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Filter Availability

We pride ourselves in being able to locate that “hard to find” filter, and we have a large pool of major manufacturers that provide quality products equal to the OEM’s.  Plus we keep 1,000’s of filters in stock, from commonly used numbers to ones you likely won’t find anywhere else in town. At BIG 4 we are dedicated to helping you find the filter you need.

Customer Service

Offering superior filters is one thing but when it comes to customer service BIG 4 is the Oklahoma leader. In addition to a large inventory and product knowledge second to none, we offer a route pick-up and delivery service to keep your plant supplied. As a part of that service we can also keep your filter storeroom stocked at levels to meet your filtration needs.


In addition to offering new filters, BIG 4 can renew your filters for reuse at a fraction of the cost of new. Our proprietary multistage cleaning and quality inspection process restores your dirty filter to manufacturer’s specs, saving you 40% or more over the original cost. Many filters can be renewed over and over, saving you even more money while significantly lowering landfill waste.


Great service, extensive product availability, and reasonable prices give you the BIG 4 value. When you combine our renewal service with our discounted new filter pricing, your savings are multiplied. Plus every filter we supply carries a manufacturer warranty and our promise of 100% satisfaction.

Applications of the Products We Offer

We provide filtration products for any application imaginable and our customers come from many different sectors of industry, including construction, power generation, oil & gas services, blasting / drilling, mining / quarries, waste management, farming, shipping ports, powder coating / painting, cement, metal, paper, plastic, wood and even food product manufacturers, as well as individual consumers.

On-Road Vehicles - Cars, Pickup Trucks, Semi Trucks

Baldwin, Mann, and other manufacturers for oil, fuel, air, cabin air, and transmission filters.

Off-Road Vehicles / Heavy Equipment - Loaders, Excavators, Dump Trucks, Cranes, Tractors, Etc

Baldwin, Mann, and other manufacturers for oil, fuel, air, cabin air, transmission, and hydraulic filters. Also, air cleaner housings, muffler / exhaust parts and accessories.

Stationary Equipment - Compressors, Blowers, Industrial Machines, Paint Booths, Building Dust Collectors and HVAC Units

Specialty filter manufacturers for oil, air, air / oil separators, hydraulics, dust collector cartridges, rolled polyester material, HVAC panel and HEPA grade panel air filters.

All of the Above

In addition to new filtration products, we also provide the service of renewing air filters and select hydraulic filters.  This type of service has been called filter washing, filter cleaning, and filter recycling but we find the word “renewal” to be the best description.  We do not collect dirty filters and offer them for sale after renewal.  We simply renew the filters that you already own, and return them to you with their original efficiency.  Please click the link to our “Filter Renewal” page for more information.

Over 40 Years of Experience

BIG 4 should be considered your trusted source for quality new and renewed filters. We are the experts when it comes to product knowledge, sizing, cross reference and sourcing.