New Filtration Products

From heavy equipment to building ventillation and everything in between, we can provide filters for any application.

We keep 1,000’s in stock at our Tulsa warehouse and can also order anything you might need from our large pool of quality manufacturers.

Wide Variety of Manufacturers

At Big 4 Filtration our goal is to find you the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices. We have many years of experience at finding replacements for nearly any filter imaginable. Below are just a few of the companies whose products we proudly offer.

Heavy Duty Products for Engine and Mobile Filtration, Including Air, Lube, Fuel, and Hydraulics.

A Top European Filter Manufacturer for Auto, Heavy Equipment, and More. Many Crosses for European Parts.

Specializing in Air, Lube, and Air/Oil Separator Filters for Many OEM Air Compressors.

Polyester Media Air Elements for Blowers and Compressors, Extra Durable for the Most Renewal Cycles.

Dust Collector Cartridges, Including Replacements for OEM’s Such as Camfil Farr and Donaldson Torit.

Cim Tek is Famous for Its Fuel Storage Tank Filters but They Also Offer Some Hydraulics and Compressor Spin-Ons.

Falls Filtration makes Unimaze and Airmaze Filters, Silencers, and Breathers, as Well as Many Other Industrial Air Products.

Industrial Air Intake Filters & Silencers for Compressors, Blowers, and Vacuum Pumps with a Variety of Filter Media Choices.

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