Filter Renewal Examples

At Big 4 Filtration our many years of experience at filter renewal means that we can tackle even the most difficult problems.  Our highly trained staff will evaluate the structure and contaminants of your particular filter and will apply the best techniques to get it back to like-new performance.  Here are a few examples of our more unusual and difficult renewals.  In all cases we were able to develop suitable methods and achieve results that completely satisfied our customers.

Camfil Farr Gold Cone® Filters

The Camfil Farr Gold Cone Series® filters are actually two filters in one. There is an inner cone-shaped filter that cannot be removed from the outer filter. We have developed a method to thoroughly clean both sections of the filter and have been doing it for years with no problems whatsoever. The filter shown here is a dirty one that has been successfully renewed several times.

Concrete Silo Dust Collector

This concrete silo filter is a whopping 6 foot 8 inches long! The length of it makes it a challenge but we have been doing this particular filter for several years, 32 at a time. The polyester media of this type of filter is very tough and well-suited for many renewal cycles, which saves our customer a significant amount on their dust collector change outs.

Donaldson Torit® Large Panel Filter

This Torit® panel filter measures 61 by 39 inches and has internal channels that collect the dust. Our technique effectively clears the channels allowing these elements to be reused several times. This is a great savings for our customer, considering that each Torit® original filter costs in excess of $2,000.

Natural Gas Filter

This natural gas filter weighs in at 53 pounds! The frame and pleated mesh media are constructed of stainless steel, all welded with no epoxy glue, and it has graphite gaskets on both ends. This is definitely not a filter you’d want to throw away, at a cost of roughly $10,000 for a new one! We are able to renew it at a small fraction of that amount.

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