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Engine Air Cleaners

Air Cleaners on heavy equipment can often get damaged.  Need a new cover or maybe an evacuation valve? We can offer replacement parts or entire housings from well-known manufacturers such as Donaldson® and Mann & Hummel.

Inlet Precleaners

For low dust environments a simple rain hood is sometimes sufficient.  But dusty conditions require a precleaner on the inlet to the main air cleaner, in order to extend filter life. We can provide Donaldson® bowl-style precleaners which remove up to 75% of the dirt.  A more efficient option is an Enginaire® turbo precleaner that uses a spinnning rotor, driven by the engine air flow, to eject the dirt with up to 97% efficiency.

Spin-On Filter Heads

Need to modify the fluid system on a piece of equipment or build something from scratch? We can provide heads for oil, fuel, or hydraulic spin-on filters, from Baldwin®, Donaldson®, and other manufacturers.

Bulk Fuel Storage Tank Systems

Contaminants in fuel can often be a problem for equiment operators. In addition to the scheduled filter maintenance on the equipment itself, the first line of defense is a good filtration system on the bulk storage tank. Baldwin® offers their Dahl Fuel/Water Separator line for storage tank filtration. We can also provide Cim Tek® products, which are commonly used on storage tanks.

Miscellaneous Parts

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