Rapid spill protection & cleanup

Rapid spill protection and cleanup help minimize lost production time and insure safety in the workplace. In addition, controlling petroleum, water based, and chemical based spills in industrial settings are becoming a requirement with newly introduced EPA regulations. Companies are expected to handle even the smallest spills in an eco-friendly manner. Our spill products offer an efficient “green” way to take care of every size spill and clean up.  


Spill-Sorb contains, controls, and absorbs unwanted liquid spills from floors, work surfaces, driveways, etc. Spill-Sorb absorbs liquids ranging from oil and solvents to water and non-aggressive chemicals on contact. Through capillary action, the absorbed liquid is locked into the cellulose fiber, preventing leaking and handling problems common with clay and diatomaceous earth (DE). Cellulose fibers contain no respirable crystalline silica dust which is common with most mineral sorbents. Spill-Sorb is the perfect alternative to clay and diatomaceous earth.

Absobent W®

Absorbent W is designed to contain and control oil–based liquids while repelling water. Absorbent W is manufactured through a patented process that absorbs oil immediately on contact while repelling water; it even floats when saturated. The oil spill is totally absorbed preventing leaking and draining commonly associated with polypropylene sorbents. The performance attributes of Absorbent W make it ideal for clean up of oil–based liquids suspended in water.

Instant Absorption

Absorbent W instantly absorbs oils into the fibers while allowing water to pass through freely.

Absorbent GP®

Absorbent GP is designed to contain and control unwanted liquid spills ranging from oil and solvents to water and non-aggressive chemicals. Absorbent GP is made to absorb liquids on contact through capillary action. The absorbed liquid is locked into the cellulose fiber, preventing leaking and handling problems.  

Emergency Spill Kits are also available!

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